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Macoma. Selection Process and Evaluation Criteria.

MACOMA. Selection Process.


The Selection Committee, designated by the Consortium, consists of a minimum of 1 member of staff from each institution, including the coordinators at each institution and invited board chosen to balance the different disciplines being considered. The selection committee organises a confidential, fair and equitable evaluation of each proposal according to the criteria applicable, in full respect of the relevant procedures, rules and regulations. They ensure that the process runs smoothly and fairly, that access to the information pertaining to proposals is strictly controlled and that the most efficient use is made of the time of all concerned.


Evaluation Criteria.

The procedure of the evaluation process is based on the Marie-Curie European Integration Fellowships. The steps are Eligibility Check, Individual Evaluation Monitoring Statistics, Consensus and finally Ranking. The procedure is designed to allow the evaluators to identify and select highly qualified and motivated graduates. It is a competitive process based on the documented academic performance and credentials of the applicants. The consortium only selects high-quality students, (threshold for each criterion is 5).


The Criteria that are evaluated are (scores 0-5 for each category): 

1.Quality of Previous Qualifications: Appropriate background such as Ocean Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Hydrology, Geographical Sciences, Biological Sciences and related Master degrees. Candidates are required to submit Transcripts of supporting documents such as first degree and Master. Qualifications maybe cross-checked with universities and by consulting the ENIC –NARIC network. Documentation also includes transcript of records, and publications if applicable.

2.Proficiency in languages of the consortium, particularly English: Candidates are required to demonstrate their proficiency in English. Possible examples include GCSE, AS Level, A Level, IB, TOEFL scores paper 575 / computer 232, Cambridge Proficiency Certificate level 4- 5, Oxford Higher Certificate, International Certificate Conference (ICC Stage 3 Technical), IELTS scores 6.5. The proficiency in other languages will be an added value in the selection procedure and it will be assessed during the procedure.

3.Motivation and Potential: benefit to the researcher from the Ph.D. programme. Potential for the development of the candidate is based on the Motivation Statement by the Candidate and the likelihood that the candidate will pursue a career of research or management in the field, at the end of the Ph.D. Programme.

4.Suitability: Match between the candidate’s profile and the Ph.D. is based on the Suitability of skills for the Masters using the C.V. and personal statement of the student. Appropriate professional experience of candidates with non-standard academic backgrounds (e.g. subjects not listed in A above) is evaluated.

5.Recommendations:this is based on the evaluation forms returned by the two referees.

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