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Macoma. Structure of the Ph. D. Programme.

Projects and Activities implemented by the MACOMA Consortium

First Year – Academic Course



Second and Third Year – Research phase

The research project is worth to 120 ECTS and will be undertaken after the first year in the coordination institution at Cadiz.

Students will be encouraged to work on their dissertation in advance of this, preparing their proposal and undertaking background research, but the bulk of work will be in the last 2 years. A very wide range of topic areas will be available for study reflecting the range of expertise at the consortium Universities.

One student can select one research line proposed by one of the main HEIs in the consortium but he/she can conduct the research period not only in this institution but visiting other related. The selection and mobilities will be approved and monitorize by the Macoma Consortium and coordinators.




List of research lines offered at University of Cadiz


1. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) in marine and coastal environments. 
2. Bioaccumulation and bioavailability of contaminants in marine and coastal environments. 
3. Environmental quality assessment based on weight-of-evidence approaches.
4. Dredged material characterization and management. 
5. Operational Oceanograpy in Marine and Coastal Management. 
6. Sensitive tools for marine and coastal environmental quality assessment. 

7. Mitigation and Emergency plans related to accidental spills in the marine and coastal environment.
8. Waste water management and characterization and management of industrial residues in marine and coastal environments. 


List of research lines offered at University of Algarve

1. Eutrophication and Marine biodiversity                     
2. Eutrophication and Good Environmetal Status               
3. Remote sensing for marine monitoring               
4. Low C aquaculture Management                      
5. Coastal vulnerability    
6. Boosting ecosystem services (coastal and marine)               
7. Socio-ecological Systems in the coastal  zone             
8. Integrated Beach Management    

List of research lines offered at University of Aveiro


1. Environmental and Analytical Chemistry (L-EAC)
2. Biodiversity and Biology of Stress (L-BBS)
3. Marine Ecosystems and Modelling (L-MEM)
4. Atmospheric Quality (L-AQ)
5. Integrated Watershed Management (L-IWM)


List of research lines offered at University of Bologna


1. Application of molecular tools in management and conservation of coastal ecosystems
2. Biological assessment of coastal and estuarine systems: ecological validation of biomarkers
3. Integrated management of coastal freshwater resources
4. Risk assessment and management of marine coastal environment
5. Dynamical and coastal oceanography
6. Oceanographic and ecosystem numerical modelling
7. Use of short-lived isotopes to study the nature and source of sedimentary organic carbon, and the pollution reconstruction in marine and coastal environments
8. Use of indicators for the characterization of coastal environments
9. Ecophysiology of harmful microalgae

List of research lines offered at University of RSHU

1. Simulation of Internal Tidal Waves and its Seasonal Variability in the Northern Atlantic Ocean
2. Influence of Internal Tidal Waves on the Climate of the World Ocean
3. Long waves (theory, application, impact, risk management)
4. Oceanography of Polar Regions
5. Antropogenic Impact on Marine and Coastal Environment
6. Fisheries and Oceanography
7. Modeling of Aquatic Ecosystem
8. Forecasting of Ocean Processes
9. Methods of Underwater Acoustic Monitoring for Information Guaranteeing of ICAM system
Dissertation Thesis.
Doctoral students should defend an original research work. The defence will be public and implies that the candidate will present a written document including the hypothesis, objectives, material and methods of their work, the results, discussion and final conclusions which should have character of positive affirmation. The public presentation will be in form of a summarizing oral presentation embracing all the above mentioned items followed by a discussion with members of a jury during a period of time no longer than one hour. The total duration of the defence should be up to a maximum of two hours including the questions of the jury. The jury will be composed by experts in research area of the dissertation and could include the director of the Ph.D. Thesis. In order to obtain the Euroean/international Doctoral Degree the candidate should include in her/his thesis an extended abstract in a second European language and the jury should include at least two members from different European member states. Also, the candidate during the oral presentation must use at least two European languages in any of the aspects mentioned in the written document. A board of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 Professors within the EMJD will be nominated each year to examine a maximum of 10 PhD students. Supplementary board members will be nominated in case of higher number of students. One or two experts from external Universities, private sectors, etc. may be invited to join the panel. Annually, two dates for the Defence of the thesis will be decided in advance and students will be adequately informed. Thesis will be delivered in advance to the Commission enabling the reading before the Defence. Each thesis will be accompanied by the presentation of the Tutors (Professor responsible for the research lines). Publications of results in the scientific journals (JCR/SCI quoted) before the Thesis defence will be strongly suggested and will be taken into consideration during the final evaluation. The steering board of coordinators have decided to request a minimum of 3 papers published, in press or accepted to permit the public defense of the Thesis. This requirement could be re-considered if other instruments of dissemination with high quality are included in the Thesis such us: patents, books of high impact, etc.. It will be decided by the boards of coordinators before the acceptation to the public defense of the Thesis. Criteria for the final evaluation will be therefore: originality and innovation of the work, candidate autonomy and involvement in the work; interdisciplinarity; ability of pertinent discussion written and oral; clarity; publications in scientific journals; potential contribution to innovation and knowledge improvement.

NOTE: Although the certificate for Joint PhD was issued, the PhD Joint Erasmus Mundus PhD. in Marine and Coastal Manangement degree will be revoked in case the candidate had falsified the documents requested to enter the PhD programme or to prepare the manuscript of the Thesis. Plagiarism will be also prosecuted during the whole programme either at Thesis development or during teaching report assignments.


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